Business Coaching That Teaches Coaches How To Make More Money with Ease

You Have A Big Purpose In This World But Feel Overwhelmed With Starting & Scaling Your Online Coaching Business
  • You are struggling with starting, growing or want to pivot your coaching business & are seeking clarity around your plan of action, or
  • You know you want to be a coach but need help nailing your niche, building your brand, creating courses & offerings, or creating systems and strategies, or  
  • You are tired of working so damn hard and not seeing a return in the amount clients you are serving or income you are making!  


I Understand Your Struggle Because It Was Once My Struggle Too! 


Through my proven method of coaching you will:

  • Gain clarity around who you are, what you came to this earth to do and how that translates to your coaching business
  • Create a customized soulful strategic plan for your coaching business from a business coach who has been there.
  • Execute the plan of action for your coaching business together so that your profitable coaching business can be a reality.

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What Does Coaching With Regina Look Like?

Coaching with Regina is a little different than coaching with other business coaches.

At the start of your 3 month coaching container, you will become very clear on who you are, why your soul has come into this space & time and how your coaching business can best serve that mission.

From there, Regina will take you through a 12 week journey, where the following
will be created:


  • Clarity around your coaching niche & how it serves your greater purpose.
  • How to build a brand online & in person.
  • How to cultivate a community both online & in your local community.
  • How to create content that is aligned with your brand & offerings.
  • Creating systems around social media & content distribution.
  • Creating a website, lead pages & blog.
  • Creating offerings & products that convert.
  • Creating structures & systems, personalized to your life & business.
  • Systemizing your email marketing & lead generation.
  • And so much more! 

Why is Coaching with Regina Different Than Other Coaches? 

How Regina's coaching differs is that instead of just assigning you tasks and sending you off to create your business on your own, she has created space in your actual coaching calls to create the elements listed above with you and offer you in the-moment-feedback as you are creating your offerings. 

Why does she do this? Because the beauty of having a coach 1:1 is to get personalized attention and coaching. What better way to do that than walk you through each step of the process

"Regina leads from her soul and truly helps you unlock your potential that your heart and soul desires." - Kendall Merritt, Founder of Honoring the Power of Presence & Soul Saturations 

Why I can help you have a Profitable + Soulful Coaching Business 

As an attorney, I was trained through years of schooling and practice to be able to look at the big picture & the details of a case, with the objective to get the most favorable outcome for my client. 

In my coaching practice, I am skilled at looking a coach, asking the right questions to get the answer that will enable us to create a strategic & systematic plan of action for your business together.

Why is that important?  Because with the right strategy & system, you can create & scale the coaching business of your dreams.

But I’ve done more than just get a law degree, practice for close to a decade & taught in law school.

I have furthered my education to study human behavior, neuroscience of the brain, spirituality, meditation, and holistic nutrition. This combined with my legal background + years of online marketing and brand building experience will provide you with a coaching experience that will enable to you build a soul-centered coaching business that is both fulfilling and lucrative

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Fill out the short questionnaire so I can learn more about you, your business and goals and see if we are in alignment to work together! 

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